Kimmy's Garden, WeeSchool & Playcare

Fees, Payment Policies, Etc.

Monday - Friday 8:30-11:30a

One Day of Playcare                $120/monthly session

Two Days of Playcare              $240/monthly session

Three Days of Playcare           $360/monthly session

Four Days of Playcare              $480/monthly session

Five Days of Playcare               $600/monthly session 

Breakfast Bunch 8-8:30a                 $7/day/session

Afternoon Snack 11:30a-12p             $7/day/session

Playcare is offered in monthly sessions consisting of four weeks. Choose which day(s) and add-ons you want to reserve/enroll your child in. Food provided if interested.

Enrollment is subject to a completed and accepted application and fees paid for days/times chosen.

Payments are due before the beginning of each playcare session. Payments are due for the days/weeks your child is scheduled to attend, whether the child attends or not. Additional/Extra unscheduled days are allowed and charged upon prior approval ONLY and only if space is available. 

Drop-off and pick-up can sometimes be chaotic and/or exciting. Please be conscientious of your presence and how it affects all of the kids during these transitions and make it as quickly and smoothly as possible.If your child is attending for the day, please do not drop off AFTER 9a. If your child is NOT attending for a scheduled day,  please notify me, or I will contact you to verify, for the well-being of the child. DON'T FORGET TO SIGN IN AND OUT EVERY DAY, INCLUDING THE TIME.

It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that children are picked up by their contracted times and ultimately no later than 1p. If you are unable to pick up your child by the contracted time, alternate arrangements must be made. In the event that a parent cannot be contacted, it is our policy to call an emergency contact. If parents or emergency contacts cannot be reached, authorities will be called to ensure the safety of the child.

A late fee of $10.00 per 10 minutes per child will apply if a child remains in care after the child’s contracted time. This late fee will be due before your child can return to the group. More than 3 late pickups may be grounds for termination without notice, refund or credit.