Kimmy's Garden, a licensed family child care

Fees, Payment Policies, Etc.
Monday thru Friday, 7:30a-5:30p
3 days    $240/wk
4 days    $300/wk
5 days    $350/wk

Enrollment is subject to a completed application and a non-refundable fee of $350. After 4wks of care, this fee will be applied to the child's last days/week of care, pending proper written withdrawal notification.

To hold a spot for more than 4wks to 6mos from start date, an additional $350 of non-refundable holding fee is due; to hold a spot 6mo-1yr, $700 non-refundable holding fee is due.

All payments are due on the Friday before the following week of care. Payments are due for the days/weeks your child is scheduled to attend, whether the child attends or not. Additional/Extra unscheduled days for a child enrolled part-time are charged at the child's current enrolled daily rate. One day WRITTEN notice is required to officially add day(s) to a child's regular schedule; two week WRITTEN notice is required to reduce a child's schedule. NO EXCEPTIONS. I reserve the right to increase my rates annually by no more than 2%.

Drop-off and pick-up can sometimes be chaotic and/or exciting. Please be conscientious of your presence and how it affects all of the kids during these transitions and make it as quickly and smoothly as possible.If your child is attending for the day, please do not drop off AFTER 9:30a. Children picked up early cannot return for the day. If your child is NOT attending for the day,  please notify me, or I will contact you to verify, for the well-being of the child. DON'T FORGET TO SIGN IN AND OUT EVERY DAY, INCLUDING THE TIME.

Late pick-ups are subject to, at my discretion, a charge of $10 for every ten (10) minutes or fraction thereof PER CHILD that a parent is late, due before your child can return to care. PLEASE RESPECT THIS. More than 3 (three) late pick-ups within 30 days may be grounds for termination without notice, refund or credit.

I'm closed and PAID for the following major holidays: New Years Day*, MLK Day,  Presidents Day, Patriots Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July*, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Days (x2) and Christmas Day* (and one day of jury duty, if required).
*or the weekday before/after if the holiday falls on a weekend.

Cash, checks, money orders or electronic bank transfers are accepted.  Returned checks will be subject to a $35 fee, payable in cash before your child can return to care.  You'll also lose check privileges after two returned checks.  Receipts provided upon request only.